Let Me Make It "Write" For Your Business                           

Services I Offer:

  • Long Sales Letters
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Original online content
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Email & Email Series
  • Copy Review / Proofreading


Below is a list of my main specialty services with their price ranges. 

Landing Pages By Type . . .

Information Page: 

This short page is created in order to convince your visitor to leave their contact information in exchange for a free report, a downloadable ebook, a membership trial, or anything else of value to your business. Often, these pages are the most difficult to create.

Subscription Page: 

Have something to offer your customers?  An ebook, membership, free trial?  They all require significant information for your buyer.

*     *      *      *       *         *        *

A landing page looks very much like an online ad, in that it has a headline, some short paragraphs of descriptive copy, and a place to capture customer emails.


Sales Letters 

A sales letter is your big vehicle!  This is what sells your product or service. It is generally between 4 - 20 + pages, when printed.  Salesletters include headlines, lead copy, testimonials, features and benefits, and all the bells and whistles it takes, to get your clients excited about your product!

Email Services -

Emails stand-alone: short or long.

Email series (Autoresponder; for 3)

Copy Critique Services 

Copy critique services provide an objective review of your ad, sales letter, landing page, email campaign, or direct mail package. You get a written report that analyzes your copy in detail.  I tell you what's good about it, what works and what doesn't work. It includes specific directions for copy revisions and rewriting, although I do not write or rewrite copy for you under this arrangement.  If you're looking for a "second opinion" on a piece of copy, then this is the perfect vehicle for you. It also enables you to sample my copywriting services at far less cost.

Web Site Copy and Packages


A microsite is a long-copy website dedicated to the selling of one product or service.  This may include an e-book, hard-copy book, or downloadable files, among other things.  Microsites run to a 6-8 page sales letter, plus a landing page, an about page, a contact page and order page, if needed.

Website Package "A"

This package is perfect for a small business or single product line.  It includes of  a home page and up to 5 additional pages.

Website Package "B"

This package is for a small-medium sized business or a small product line. It includes a home page and up to 5-10 additional pages.

Classic Home Page

A modest home page is a page with a headline and up to 400 words of text describing your product or service. This is done through the USP (unique selling proposition).  I can also help develop your USP  for an additional charge.

Compound Home Page

A compound home page is a home page with more than one headline and multiple copy sections. These are used for subscription or membership sites. Or these pages are useful in describing multiple products or in-depth news and kmowledge.

On-going Site Copy Maintenance

This is where I remain on call to make minor updates, tweak content, and provide new test versions, at no extra fee.  Any major rewrites or new testing would be additional fees, unless included in the original agreement.

Article Writing 

Expert articles are one of the best ways to build your credibility online. Let me help make you look good!  Articles usually run between 400 to 1200 words.

White Papers 

Never be boring, I say!  Dazzle your prospects with well-written content, sure to capture all the benefits of your product or service.  I'll research and create exactly what you're looking for.


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About my Fees - Every project is unique. Some require a lot more time than others, but all receive my total commitment to excellence.

The price I quote is all-inclusive.  All work on your project is done to your 100% satisfaction.  For a no-obligation quote on your job, simply give me a call at (732) 300-5683 or drop me an email --