My Copywriting Promise to you . . .

Hi, I am Alice, a direct-response copywriter. I write focused copy for you, so that your company
can shine!  Your business needs a distinctive voice in the business marketplace, and I am here to
help you get there.

Whether you need B2B copywriting, online copywriting, or a direct-response package, I'm here for you!
You would be surprised at what I know about you already.

All business people are busy people. Very busy people. You wear many hats in your business, you make
those all-important decisions, all day long, as to what is best for the direction of your business. You need
business professionals who can step in, look around, and quickly assess what it is you need, right now.
Someone who works independently, someone who is all about keeping deadlines. Someone to make your
life easier.

I make words glisten like gold!

All for you!  Writing is second nature to me. Always has been. And copywriting is a special skill. It's taking words that I already know and applying them, with creativity and passion, to your business.  To helping you make that special connection between you and your customers. That they will remember; that you will use again and again.

As a former small business owner, I understand all the pressures of the day. All the t's to be crossed, and all the i's to be dotted. All the details to work out. It's not easy. But I can help make your life easier when it comes to saying all you have to say to your customers.

I'm just a copywriter at heart!

I grew up in New Jersey, in the shadow of NYC. I love the pulse and excitement of a big city; all its opportunities and stories. For twenty-five years, my husband and I lived in the  Toms River, Ocean County area of NJ.  As a graduate of Georgian Court University, Lakewood NJ with a major in secondary education, the power of words was never far from my side.

Other endeavors in my life include a knitting blog, Graceful Knitting, and a blog called, In Mary's Heart.
I also authored "Candle Reflections, An Illuminated Life", and I used to run a website called The Knit Stitch.  One thing I never have been, and that is far from making words work for me.

I will do the same for you.